Frequently Asked Questions

Account delivery depends on the type of account you ordered and if we have accounts in stock or not. Please contact us before you order. Generally we always deliver any account within a few hours of payment.

We don't accept receipt of bank transfer.

If you pay with Bitcoin the delivery is instantly. If you buy as a guest, you will received an e-mail with the details and instructions after the order. If you have a registered account on our website you can able to find your detailed guide in your user account. Please visit My Account > Downloads menu.

We are providing only US accounts, but yes they can be used anywhere in the world. All our accounts are includes VPS server with dedicated IP address. You can use it with a simple RDP application. This is the guarantee you can use your account without any limitation. All orders will receive a free guide. Following this guide will ensure your account is safe.

No. All of our accounts verifed by SSN and real ID and other documents.
You can see our acconts what we offer are 90+ days aged or old. We are keeping all our accounts active until there are new order from client, only in that way we can be 100% sure, that our clients will receive perfect accounts.
All accounts are business accounts. We don't sell personal accounts.

You can pay with Bank Transfer and Bitcoin. We accept only USD.
If you pay with Bitcoin your order will deliver instantly. Where can you buy Bitcoin? localbitcoins.com, jubiter.com, coinmama.com, paybis.com, etc

We don't accept PayPal payment. Why? We have so many bad experience with the PayPal payments in the past. The customers disputed the transaction after we delivered the accounts. We have lost some of our accounts and money too.

We accept Western Union and Moneygram payments. You can pay with credit and debit card via Western Union and MoneyGram online.

We are looking for new payment methods.

Yes. Every eBay account we sell comes with a matching PayPal account attached to it. We are not selling PayPal accounts alone. We really don't recommend to mix different accounts. eBay and PayPal share all the info and previous history. If you previously had PayPal associated with current eBay account and you will just attach another different PayPal account, that may raise serious issues and even lead to limited account.